Brute Force Sample Code

Self contained C source samples for the Raspberry Pi.

Why C?

There is a great deal of sample code for the Raspberry Pi in Python

For students who desire more undertanding of how a CPU works, C exposes more of the underlying architecture yet is not as difficult as Assembly language (the language of the CPU itself). W a useful bridging step from high level langugues such as Python, both for education and real world software development.

Why “Brute Force”?

Mostly, it’s amusing. But C, as a lower level language, is kind of a blunt instrument. And each example is totally self contained; I reuse code in my master sources, but each example is simple and self contained. Okay, mostly, it’s amusing.

Browse around, download what you like, or download an entire package (of currently one sample!) with python build script.


To build all samples, after downloading the file, unpack it with “tar xzf bfsc.tgz”, then cd to the bfsc directory and use ”./build” to compile all the samples into subdirectory bfsc/bin. To run, use command e.g. “bin/bfsc-blinkt -c”.